Best Scariest Hollywood Horror Movie Characters

I know you’re a horror movie lover, horror characters that make any human being tremble of fear. That’s why I prepared this compilation Best Scariest Hollywood Horror Movie Characters. Tell us which is your favorite character and the movie that most impacts you. Do you think we forgot some emblematic terror character ?


Is Jason The Best Hollywood Horror Movie Character ?

Remember the scene when he allegedly drowned in Crystal Lake camp? Well, Jason reappears years later, to kill with his implacable machete anyone who dared to enter their land.   Friday the 13th Series

Is Real Crystal Lake Camp ?

Video Top 10 Brutal Jason Voorhees Kills


Why are you screaming ?

You’ve had bad nightmares, Freddy still exists in the nightmares of the residents of Elm Street, his favorite game is to lacerate with his metallic claws (Who would have thought this? He’s a genius of terror, no doubt)

Video top 10 Freddy Krueger Kills

Samara it really scares me

Here the terror is different, Samara is a small girl with psychic powers, she dies after being thrown into a stone pit by her own mother. From that moment, everyone who has the misfortune to watch the cursed video tape, dies seven days later.

The Videotape


Dracula is the oldest of the characters
Everyone has ever seen or heard of Transylvania, thanks to this character who behind the walls of his castle, Dracula, the mysterious knight with sharp fangs, enjoys the blood of his victims, who could make the mistake of visiting him? the unwary are too many.

Video top ten movie vampires


A character famous for the scene where he holds a knife in the shower, Norman runs a motel on his property. Bates murders the beautiful women he falls in love with, the pretext for committing such horrors, is that his mother is a jealous woman, remember that he still keeps his corpse.

Video Bates Motel Best psycho scene


Best Scariest Hollywood Horror Movie Characters ghostface
Many find it fun at first, but as it shows its true nature, there is no choice but to fear. Several assassins use the emblematic Ghostface costume; they murder for different reasons, but with the same blood appetite, murdering wildly.

Video Best Ghostface Kills

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