Dramatic Video Surfer Rescue

Surfer rescue was captured on video, from a drone. The video shows how Brazilian surfer Pedro “Scooby” was rescued, who was in Nazaré, Portugal, dominating some of the biggest waves in the world. It took two jet skis to get it out of the sea.


Scooby managed to hop at the back of the jet ski, however the watercraft wasn’t speedy sufficient to outrun a 2d whopper of a wave crashing over the pair. With violent surf and perilous rocks nearby, the situation become searching dicey.

However, happily, Everaldo ‘Pato’ Teixeira turned into able to shop the day. On Instagram, the big wave veteran said the rescue turned into more difficult than surfing.

And that is what he is used to whilst surfing, so it really is really saying something (FYI – Pato is the little green splodge)


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