Lobster with PEPSI Flavor ?

We all know about the pollution of the world, although there are people trying to ignore the problem saying that everything is under control, but definitely this image shows the opposite. A group of fishermen who sailed in the Atlantic Ocean, in the vicinity of Grand Manan Island, which belongs to Canada, caught many lobsters in the nets, the surprise for them was that one of the lobsters had a very strange brand. When carefully reviewing the lobster, they realized that in one of the tweezers, it had a tattoo, the incredible logo of the famous Pepsi brand.

Pepsi Lobster
A New Brunswick fisherman caught a lobster with what some think resembles the Pepsi logo on the pincer. Have an idea of how the image came to the lobster, or if it is an indication of garbage on the ocean floor.

What flavor will it have had, the lobster?, I imagine that “PepsiLobster” LOL. Please take care of nature, avoid littering the ocean

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