How to Know If My Couple Has Stopped Loving Me ? [According to Their Zodiacal Sign]

OUCH “The end of relationship” Danger, do you know if your couple has stopped loving you?

Although it is not easy to accept the truth: each person acts differently when he realizes that love has disappeared. There are unequivocal signals in the person, according to the sign of the zodiac of our couple.

See How to know if our couple wants us or not? [according to the zodiac]

When we fall in love, everyone seems to be a nicer and better place. We feel [butterflies] in the stomach , we put effort world to behave and look good, we think that incredible feeling will last forever. There is a whole life in the world and they are still inseparable, being elderly people of 90 years, the sad truth is that almost all people have experienced the lack of love at some point in our lives.



People who belong to this sign of the Zodiac, send clear signals when they stop loving. The interest in your partner fades, they stop talking to you, they do not respond to your messages and they cut off all contact with your couple.



This may seem similar to the previous one, an unequivocal signal is the attention of the uninhabited Taurus does not concentrate on their partner. If you notice distracted, absent and distant, prepare yourself for the worst of scenarios [Without a doubt it is possible that I stop loving you].



Gemini are sociable par excellence, if they are in love they always find the way to spend time only with their most beloved. When they lose love, the most accurate sample of the change of their feelings, are their desires to go out with other people, and to flee from the couple moments.



People under this sign, stop loving their partner at the same time when they begin to behave badly and act as if the relationship is a source of suffering. If you notice this attitude, the break is unavoidable

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