Strange and Amazing Restaurants !

Thinking about visiting a nice and distinguished restaurant but strange, different from what you get used to. Below are 11 strange videos but amazing restaurants in the world. I’m sure you’ll want to visit the # 1 if you like the really weird.

Great but strange restaurants, be honest and tell us which is your favorite restaurant? Invite us a coffee

Dinner in the Sky Restaurant

Dinner in The Sky

Amazing Restaurant in The SkyRestaurant Sky BelgiumSky Dinner Belgium

Here the guests are subject to the seat belted to a table that is attached to a crane before being elevated 165 feet in the sky, enjoy their dinner while they are at a high altitude. This great story originated in Belgium and has now been deployed worldwide. Impressive in addition to the height, also the menu: what you want, from cocktails and tapas to five dishes. The sky is the limit. You dare to dine in the sky?

Video Sky Restaurant

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