Who Tried To Abuse Jennifer Lopez ?

There is a huge wave of accusations unleashed around the beautiful Jennifer Lopez in the midst of spectacle.

So far, Jennifer does not pronounce on these accusations, however, show analysts are looking forward to knowing how to handle the situation, at a time when sexual harassment affects many women and men in the world.

“Jennifer Lopez must work the situation wisely … if the accusations are true, because they can damage his image,” warned a Puerto Rican journalist.

But it is not the first time that Jennifer Lopez is involved in scandals about sexual harassment in the year 2014 amateur singer Rodrigo Ruiz accused the diva of inappropriate behaviors, commented the singer Ruiz at that time conditioned his Help in his career as a singer, requesting to send nude photos.

On this occasion, the legal team of JLo took the demand of Ruiz as “bad joke” and the matter was not known any more.

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