Take a Selfi and Know Which Artwork You Are

Google has created a recognition application, yes, this application makes it possible to take a selfie and use image recognition to determine which artwork resembles you the most. The name of the application, Google Arts & Culture.

As a result I will show you, and you coincidence artwork. Apparently many users do not agree with the result. The result can be easily shared in your social network, so that your friends and family can think.

copyright: Twitter / Joshua Fu
Google’s free Arts & Culture App
copyright: Felicia Day / twitter
Google’s free Arts & Culture App
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Download Google’s Arts & Culture App
Twitter / Caroline Wazer
Free Google’s Arts & Culture App
Instagram / Kristen Bell
Download Google’s Free Arts & Culture App
Twitter / Liam Boylan-Pett
App Google’s Arts & Culture
Twitter / Stephanie

This free Google Arts & Culture App has been a viral success of Apple’s Play Store and App Store.

It works by comparing over 70,000 images in the Google Art Project database, and the portrait that most resembles your selfie appears.

The result also includes a percentage that indicates how closely the two images coincide.

When talking about the application’s exponential popularity, Google’s spokesperson, “Patrick Lenihan” said: “It takes us by surprise.”

Note: Google Arts & Culture, warn that the museum search function is limited to the United States.


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