Strange and Amazing Restaurants !

Strange and Amazing Restaurants !

Thinking about visiting a nice and distinguished restaurant but strange, different from what you get used to. Below are 11 strange videos but amazing restaurants in the world. I’m sure you’ll want to visit the # 1 if you like the really weird.

Great but strange restaurants, be honest and tell us which is your favorite restaurant? Invite us a coffee

Dinner in the Sky Restaurant

Dinner in The Sky

Amazing Restaurant in The SkyRestaurant Sky BelgiumSky Dinner Belgium

Here the guests are subject to the seat belted to a table that is attached to a crane before being elevated 165 feet in the sky, enjoy their dinner while they are at a high altitude. This great story originated in Belgium and has now been deployed worldwide. Impressive in addition to the height, also the menu: what you want, from cocktails and tapas to five dishes. The sky is the limit. You dare to dine in the sky?

Video Sky Restaurant

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A small paradise, which possibly generates euphoria passing through mini bridges over the sea, grandiose iconic location in Nice, floats over the sea in the famous pillar of the rock and the base of the tables, the restaurant welcomes you in this most unusual scenario. It has a friendly and welcoming cuisine with a modern Mediterranean influence, made with fresh seasonal market produce.

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The Aairplane Restaurant

Airplane Restaurant Colorado Spring

Who came up with this great Idea? A restaurant inside a plane, we warn you not to fly but serve delicious dishes, plus culinary experience at this restaurant in Colorado Springs is far from a typical food in flight. For one, the 1953 Boeing KC-97 tanker never leaves the ground, and the renovated interior provides significantly more space. The 275-SEAT airplane restaurant Interior, also known as Single’s, is covered with pictures and souvenirs commemorating aviation history. Diners can enjoy such flight-themed menu options as their “crispy track chicken Strips” and “Air Tower nachos”.


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RATTLESNAKE Saloon Restaurant

The restaurant’s website describes itself as “the trough under the rock,” and that’s pretty much what it is. The Tuscumbia, Alabama establishment is built under a cantilevered cliff and has outdoor seating so that guests can get the full dining experience between natural beauty. The living room adheres to an old Western theme, serving the rate as “bats of Vertigo” and “Nachos Chuckwagon”. Some nights even have live bands using the natural acoustics of the cave.

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Gajumaru Treehouse Diner

Be your obsecionado with a house in a tree?. How about dinner at a restaurant in the tree? Oh, great.

This restaurant is located in Okinawa, Japan, on the 58 motorway. It has elevator and spiral staircases (almost 20 feet above ground). Japanese, Korean, Indian, Thai and Chinese food is waiting for you inside.

Video Gajumaru Treehouse Diner

Kate Hudson speak about Supposed Romance with Brad Pitt ?

Kate Hudson speak about Supposed Romance with Brad Pitt ?

In early February rumors were heard that Goldie Hawn, Kate Hudson’s mother, had confirmed to American media, that her beautiful daughter Kate had a relationship with Brad Pitt.

The rumor later was not ratified by the Hudson himself, but not by his own mother. Silence) The affair becomes romantic speculation of the Hollywood world. But the most interesting thing

However, in a recent interview with Andy Cohen in his late night Watch What happens Live, the Almost Famous actress was consulted by those versions and addressed the question with a lot of humor and self-confidence.

Beautiful Kate Hudson Speak
Beautiful Kate Hudson –

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“That was the craziest rumor in the world, there is nothing true in what was said.” In fact, I haven’t seen him for four years. But it was a great rumor, I kind of liked it. I took it well, as saying ‘ Ok, great, we’re going to have twins! ‘ he joked.
The truth is that the actress, who recently shaved for her role in the film Sister, is paired with musician Danny Fujikawa.

During the Show, Andy Cohen asked beautiful actress Kate Hudson if the rumor of a supposed affair with Brad Pit is true. Kate gives a definitive answer.