7 Things The Walking Dead that came to Season 8

Despite the ratings to Walking Dead Serie, or the problems that have plagued this great series, there are encouraging signs that maybe, just maybe, is the beginning of an improvement in the series. Well, before you return to our screens, here is a list of the things that season 8 did well and we want more.

The Walking Dead that came to Season 8
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1. Story Edition

It seems so simple, but it is something very positive “The Walking Dead” moved away from certain episodes centered on a single character (remember that the series is about One Family and Other Survivors), the writers have decided to show us several stories in one episode for much of season eight so far.

An Example, ‘Time For After’. the episode is not only the low point of season eight, but it could be said that it was one of the worst episodes that has presented the program What do you think of that ?. But imagine how much worse it would have been if we had stayed with Eugene in all the episodes.

2. Propel Forward

While it is not known if the program has an endgame, at least you can see the advance forward in the second half of the season. With the end of the season destroying Alexandria, it seems that everyone will head to the top of the hill for a final position against Negan. Of course, we do not expect it to happen before the end of the season.

3. Remove leftover characters

The Walking Dead still has a long way to go, and A War All Out, should have casualties and the program has only killed a few minor characters who ate screen time without any purpose. Goodbye Eric, we barely knew you. Until then, Neil, Adios Gunther, at least you died in style. And we’ve already told you why it was good that Shiva died.

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4. Conflict of Rick and Daryl

Daryl began to rebel against Rick in a big way in the fifth episode of season eight ‘The Big Scary U’. Rick did not agree with Daryl, so he used the bombs to attack the Sanctuary, so they had a skirmish before Rick ended up using the explosives. The fight itself was not very good, but at least it added dynamics to the series.

5. Maggie new Leader

Maybe Daryl will have someone else’s orders to follow? Certainly it looks like the end of mid-season, Maggie is the main survivor, taking Simon’s indulgence and killing one of her Savior prisoners when she returned to Hilltop.

With Rick crying over Carl’s death, Maggie could become the leader of the group, which will shake the dynamic again, instantly turning it into a more interesting show. Does anyone really want another season of Rick shouting orders?

6. Negan the least Villain

Speaking of character moments, Negan became a three-dimensional character in season eight during his scenes with Father Gabriel in ‘The Big Scary U’, revealing his tragic story and explaining why it is so.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan was excellent in these scenes, probably because he was given something to do, apart from the OTT nonsense. Unfortunately, a later scene saw him become an aspiring rapper, we hope to see more calm scenes of Negan in the future, as they make him a much more convincing and complex villain.

7. Kill Carl

The most positive thing that the program did well. There is still more development in the story, but killing Carl COULD be good for the future of the show.

It’s the biggest deviation from the comics they’ve ever done and it means major changes to the series, which we’ve outlined here, but there’s no reason why we can not take this as something positive.

These changes, could simply give all the story lines of Carl to another character and everything will remain the same, but there is a possibility that Carl’s death is just the beginning of a series of surprise moments in the future.

As long as they are not thrown with a coup de grace, we are all in favor.

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