Learn 5 New Licks and Chords to Play Guitar

Learn New Licks and Chords to Play Guitar

Already buy your new guitar, for beginner here ? , it’s time to learn Play music.
Learning some simple licks is a great way to start playing the guitar! Even better, some of the most famous rock and roll riffs are incredibly easy to play. Anyone can learn the guitar, but it can be frustrating at first. Sore fingers and cramps in the hands can deter anyone from cutting down their first song. That’s why I compiled a list of five of my favorite simple guitar strokes that sound good, and once you get them, you can impress your friends and family. A couple of them are only on a chain! This will help your dexterity and fuel your confidence to learn more.

If you have not yet learned to read guitar tabs, take a moment to familiarize yourself with the subject. I’ll be there when you come back.

Remember, always start slowly, and if you can not get it early, divide it into sections. Get the first half down, then the second half, and when you’re ready, put it together.

Let’s start with the simplest first. It’s an old stand-by, and the very first song I learned on guitar.

1. “Smoke on the water” – Deep Purple

deep purple smoke on the water chords

You can start by using just one finger on a chain, but when you get it, try it with your index finger, your ring, and your pink fingers. Use your index on the 3, your ring finger on the 5, and pinky on the 6. This will make the rest of the songs easier.

2. “The Seven Nations Army” – The White Stripes

Second, let’s take a more modern classic riff. It can be played on a single string. Just be sure to use your little finger to hit the 10th fret. Then you can slide your index finger in the neck to play the rest.

chords the seven nations army the white stripes

Now, let’s involve the other bites. Take your time with the next three songs. It has been divided into parts, Ok If having some problems, Performs one section at a time.

3. “Beat It” – Michael Jackson

guitar riff Beat It Michael Jackson beguinner

4. “Sweet Home Alabama” – Lynyrd Skynyrd

“Sweet Home Alabama” looks difficult, but there is a simple way to play it. First make the D-chord form, but instead of putting your middle finger on the 2 of the high E string, keep it open like this:

guitar riff Sweet Home Alabama Lynyrd Skynyrd

In the fourth section of the lick, you will want to use your index finger to hammer for each second fret.

5. “Day Tripper” – The Beatles

guitar riff Day Tripper The Beatles

“Day Tripper” seems more complicated than it is. For notes on the second fret, be sure to place your index finger on the A and D strings. Also, use a hammer for the last note. When you get this, move the same pattern to the A string.

The only way to learn is to practice guitar playing every day, and have fun while doing it!



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