¿Is the Serie Dying ? – The Walking Dead

Apparently the Amazing TV Series Walking Dead. It has a disappointing start and a very controversial final turnaround mid-season, it is possible that season 8 does not impress the fans, the ratings continue to fall and still do not exceed the 2nd season.

At this time, the producer of the “The Walking Dead” series David Alpert defends the program, and argues that these ratings are not a reflection of popularity.


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Morgan, The Walking Dead, Season 8

Morgan, The Walking Dead, Season 8

“I do not think the brand has in any way lost its relevance in general,” he told Variety. “I think we are seeing a decrease in the urgency in all the media to consume something at a specific time.

“I think that, in general, we are seeing more competition, not only from television and not only from broadcast services, but that you get content everywhere.


“I continue to receive people who come to me at the conventions they are talking about, they are in the middle of the sixth season, they can not believe what is happening.


“I keep getting people asking me, ‘Did you kill Beth, did you kill Beth, what’s wrong with you?’ And I think, ‘Are you in season five?’ and they say, ‘Yes, I’m in season five.’ ”


Chandler Riggs, who plays Carl

Chandler Riggs, who plays Carl, seems to suggest that this great series “The Walking Dead” only have 2 seasons left to live, but the producer “Scott Gimple” says very sure, that we will see a tenth season and much more.


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The Walking Dead Comic Season 8, News & Highlights

For fans, despite the decline it may have. It will continue many more years.
This series is based on the successful comics written by Robert Kirkman, a drama that shows life in weeks and months after a Zombie Apocalypse. It is run by a police officer named Rick Grimes, along with his family and other survivors are constantly on the move looking for a new home, safe and secure. Staying alive day by day is the mission, Officer Rick discovers that the fear of the survivors can be more deadly, than the zombies

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