Why Everybody Laugh, with a Cop Ticket To an Illegally Parked Car?

The Internet can not stop laughing at these Cops who issued a note to a car with snow. Simon Laprise, carved a replica of a car, full size in the snow to deceive the guys who remove the snow, but this great reply to attract the attention of police officers. The carpenter of canada / montreal 33 years old, say that it is an innocent joke, but even the policemen stopped to write a note for the vehicle ‘illegally parked’.

Simon Comment “I made the car to have fun for a while and express my creativity on that beautiful day.” The car, was a full-size replica of a DeLorean DMC-12 (Asi Is the car of Back to the Future 1,2,3 =)), some say it looks more like a Toyota Supra.

Remember not to park your car in prohibited places or this will happen to you

Simon: I try to fool the boys of Snow Removal

Joke Snow Car Illegally parked Cops Ticketed 1
Image credits: Simon Laprise

Simon, 33, carved a full-size car

Image credits: Simon Laprise

In some parts of Canada, it is prohibited to park in a snow removal area. And that is probably the reason why the police stopped.

Image credits: Simon Laprise

In certain areas of Canada, it is prohibited to park in a snow removal area

Image credits: Simon Laprise

After inspecting, they identified the vehicle. In the end, the police officer wrote a fake ticket in the False car: “You Made Our Night”

Image credits: Simon Laprise

The sculptor commented that it was an innocent joke

Image credits: Simon Laprise

Definitely, Simon Has a Great Talent, and a Great Sense of Humor

Image Credits: shareitagain.co

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