5 Eating Habits That Produce Bad Breath

Bad Breath

If after properly washing your teeth, still bad breath persists, this annoyance affects many people and can harm social interaction. If you think that proper oral cleaning is sufficient to avoid halitosis, there are eating habits that definitely influence bad breath. You may need bad breath treatment. Avoid these bad eating habits and improve Oral Health.

Bad Breath
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Fruits and vegetables rich in sucrose

Fruits and Vegetables cause halitosis, do you need bad breath treatment
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There are healthy foods and are present in many diets that contain excess sugar, including mango, beet, peach, nectarine, peas and maize. Excess sucrose activates bacteria that cause cavities. Not every fruit is suitable for breath.

Acid Foods

Avoid Acid Food - Bad breath
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Do you like acid?. Unfortunately cause desquamation of the oral mucosa, this can form a white plaque on the surface of your tongue. This is a common cause of halitosis.

Eating Mint and Ginger without taking care of the teeths

You can use Mint or Ginger for bad breath treatment. But is temporal !
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If they help bad breath, but just a moment, but they don’t fight it. Consuming these foods requires a correct oral cleaning routine.

Avoid high protein diets:

You must avoid protein diet for bad breath treatment
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Meat, milk and eggs if they work for some diets, unfortunately they are great enemies of good breath. This is because halitosis bacteria “eat” proteins and as a result, they release the sulfur molecules that cause bad breath. It is not necessary to remove these foods from your meals, but if it is very important to balance your diet.

Broccoli, Cauliflower and cabbage


Bad Breath Treatment Avoid Brocoli ! yes..
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They are very healthy foods, but they can also damage your breathing, because they are rich in sulphur, this causes a bad smell in the mouth.

You know, try to avoid these foods that cause bad breath. Take care of your health you’re amazing.

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