Who is Captain Marvel in Avengers Infinity War ?

Who is Captain Marvel in Avengers Infinity War ?

Want to know who is Captain Marvel?. If you had enough patience to see to the end movie The Avengers: Infinity War and see what many people ignore “the credits”, you saw the end of the mysterious scene. The scene brings back two beloved characters, Agent Maria Hill and Nick Fury.

Who is Captain Marvel ?


These two, which you can remember from the first Avengers, Captain America: Winter Soldier and Avengers: The Age of Ultron, are in the middle of the city when they both disintegrate.

But before Hill and Fury throw all the confetti at us, Fury manages to send a message to a mysterious recipient, who returns a single symbol in the locator. If you missed it, check it out video after credits scene avengers infinity war

Confused? We all believe. But thanks to a little research on the Internet, then all the answers for you and clear many doubts.


Who is Captain Marvel ? 2
You have a good eye! Definitely was Captain Marvel’s personal symbol is usually represented by an eight-pointed golden star in a golden band, red on one side and blue on the other.



“Captain” is a non-sexist title, it’s not easy, but Captain Marvel is really a woman!

Captain Marvel, whose real name is Carol Danvers, is also known as Mrs. Marvel, Captain Danvers and Warbird.

Who is Captain Marvel in Avengers Infinity War ?

Who is Captain Marvel ? 3
Brie Larson, Oscar-winning actress, should play Captain Marvel! The actress was named in July 2016, after much deliberation. He announced the news on his Instagram by posting a selfie with a Marvel Studios hat.

Who is Captain Marvel ? 4
Here is his look at Captain Marvel-ed:

Other contenders for the position were Emily Blunt, Rebecca Ferguson, Jessica Chastain and Natalie Dormer.


Like all the other Avengers and superheroes in the Marvel universe, Carol Danvers has a pretty interesting story. To avoid reading hundreds of comics and books, here is a quick overview.

“Carol Danvers” is also a pilot officer in the US Air Force and a close friend of the extraterrestrial hero Mar-Vell (Mar-Vell is a Kree – it is possible to recognize this race of Guardians of the Galaxy; Ronan, the accuser also known as Lee Pace)). In an accidental explosion, Danvers’ DNA merges with Mar-Vell’s DNA, giving him superhuman powers.

She continues to take the nickname “Captain Marvel” and fight crime. Difficult to cook

Of course, we do not know what version of her story will be used in her next movie with Brie Larson, but we think that could be the point.

Meet the Powers of Captain Marvel, Next Page


Throughout the comics, Captain Marvel has many powers and abilities, which include (but are not limited to) superhuman strength, flight, endurance and endurance, the ability to fire final explosions. fingers seventh sense “, which means that she can see things happen, much like Superman!

She also has a range of great human powers that have become part of the military, including hand-to-hand combat, espionage skills and weapons training.


Who is Captain Marvel ? 1
That is the question on everyone’s lips! Considering that Fury called the Captain, and that everyone is a little … dead … most people think he will face Thanos and his glove in the next movie.

As for the fight itself, it’s difficult. With her amazing powers and character, she was named “probably the most powerful Marvel Avenger”, defeating Thor, Captain America and Iron Man.

If he faced Thanos, most people seemed to think it would be a fairly homogenous fight. Thanos is very powerful and has this glove, but Marvel has the advantage in many areas, including speed (he can fly six times the speed of light), endurance (does not get tired easily) and his seventh sense (so that she can anticipate their movements before doing them).

And since she is not the only Avenger to stand up, a combination of Captain Marvel, Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow and Hulk may be enough to defeat him.


For fans who hope that the movie Captain Marvel, which will be released before the next Avengers, takes place at the same time and place as Infinity War, we have bad news.

Next Captain Marvel movie will be an original story for the character, and will take place in the 90s when he will be an Air Force pilot. The current plot says: “Carol Danvers becomes one of the most powerful heroes in the universe when Earth is caught in the middle of a war

Now all doubt is clear about who is Captain Marvel in Avengers Infinity War Ending.

Marvel Figures, Each Fan Must Have in Their Collection

Marvel Figures, Each Fan Must Have in Their Collection

Here a list of Best Marvel Figures to collect. Are you really a Marvel Fan ? Comics, Books and Movies the way to enjoy Great characters. We Compiled a serie of Marvel Figures, which we believe you should have in your collection. If Want to start a Collection of marvel figures, you must collect these indispensable characters. We recommend check-it-out which the Best Marvel villains that appears in movies.

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Top 25 Best Marvel Movie Villains [Evil vs Evil]

Top 25 Best Marvel Movie Villains [Evil vs Evil]

Top 25 Best Marvel Movie Villains [Evil vs Evil]

Also the villains deserve a Top List. We all have a favorite superhero, but also a villain. Are you a Fan Figures, Comics or Marvel Movies?. Surely you also want to know which is the best villain marvel in the movies. Hidden there is an error, Only true Marvel fans can recognize the written error. Can you find it?.

Let the fight begin.

# 25

Emil Blonski / Abomination (The Incredible Hulk)

Top 25 Marvel Villains [Do you Know The Winner?]

A CGI very cutroso and poorly done for a character without history, zero charisma and … zero all. What a shame to waste an act like Tim Roth.

Hulk vs Abomination


# 24

Laufey (Thor)

Top 25 Marvel Villains [Do you Know The Winner?] 1

Loki’s father and the leader of the ice giants. Starring by Colm Feore. I must be honest, I do not remember this bad guy, and you? , and the worst that can happen is to participate in a Marvel movie and remember that nobody has been there.

Odin & Laufey

# 23

Malekith (Thor: the world of darkness)

Top 25 Marvel Villains [Do you Know The Winner?] 2
This villain played by Dr. Who himself (Christopher Eccleston) is interchangeable with the Laufey of the first part, both in design and motivation, ie zero. Embodying Evil as a Dark Elf, and must be very bad.

# 22

Darren Cross / Yellow Jacket (Ant-Man)

Top 25 Marvel Villains [Do you Know The Winner?] 3
Corey Stoll had everything to make an epic villain. But the background they gave him was very poor and very boring. In fact, his character (albeit slightly upside down) was improved by Jeff Bridges in “Iron Man”. We already had a bald villain and we liked him better.

Ant-Man vs Yellowjacket Helicopter Fight


# 21

Kaecilius (Dr. Strange)

Top 25 Marvel Villains [Do you Know The Winner?] 4
Mads Mikkelsen had the opportunity to be Malekith but rejected it. But his bad guy is not that he was luckier. At the end of the film, it does not matter what happens to you. Also, who remembers his name?

Doctor Strange vs Kaecilius


# 20

Ronan the Accuser (guardians of the galaxy)

Top 25 Marvel Villains [Do you Know The Winner?] 5
Too bad a player as solvent as Lee Pace passes without trouble or glory for this wonder that is the first part of “Guardians of the Galaxy.” We’ll keep him because his hammer is very cool … and the final scene with Star Lord, although it’s more than Chris Pratt’s merit.

Guardians vs Ronan The Accuser


# 19

Aldrich Killian / The Mandarin (Iron Man 3)

Top 25 Marvel Villains [Do you Know The Winner?] 6
The third part of the solo trilogy Tony Stark worked very well at the box office, but not so much between fans even forgive the revelation of the film’s Mandarin half. But the villain who plays Guy Pearce has his pitch: nerdy guy ignored by Stark who ends up being good and good, even if you go the pot a little late, which does not happen to him with “Iron Man” give all the time per bag?

Iron Man 3 vs Mandarin Final Battle

# 18

Ivan Vanko / Whiplash (Iron Man 2)

Top 25 Marvel Villains [Do you Know The Winner?] 7
I firmly believe that Mickey Rourke was passing when they said, “Hey, are you playing a bad guy?” And he would say: how much? And zas, history of cinema. Her expression does not change throughout the film and, although it might have been interesting, she stays in a “I want and I can not”. Too bad because their whips are the best that Marvel has given in terms of design bad guys: easy but effective and colorful

Iron Man 2 Tony vs Whiplash

# 17

Dormammu (Dr. Strange)

Top 25 Marvel Villains [Do you Know The Winner?] 8
As you spend money on a very good design, you could have given something of interest to what would end up being a floating head with small lights

Dr Strange Dormamu Bargain Scene

# 16

Ultron (Avengers: The Age of Ultron)

Top 25 Best Marvel Movie Villains [Do you Know The Winner?]
Ultron should have been scared. Ultron should have populated our nightmares. Ultron should have been a lot darker. In short, Ultron should have been much more than it was. Blame David Spader. Has anyone thought of picking up Jeremy Irons or Harrison Ford, with the loud voice they have?

Avengers vs Ultron Final Battle


# 15

Egp (Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2)

Top 25 Best Marvel Movie Villains [Do you Know The Winner?] 1
The sequel to Star-Lord’s adventures is a movie failed in many ways, and one of the things I do not forgive him for is missing the rollazo Kurt Russell, who oozes charisma from all sides. His villain is absurd and childish and, in the end, boils down to the usual: destroy everything

Guardians of the Galaxy Final Battle


# 14

Justin Hammer (Iron-Man 2)

Top 25 Best Marvel Movie Villains [Do you Know The Winner?] 2
Sam Rockwell pre-Oscar plays the “bad guy” with Mickey Rourke but, honestly … I do not even remember it. It’s a very bad sign and I saw the film several times

Iron Man Vs Hammer Drones

# 13

General Ross (The Incredible Hulk / Captain America: Civil War

Top 25 Best Marvel Movie Villains [Do you Know The Winner?] 3
Come on, he’s really not a bad guy because all he’s looking for is our well-being as humanity. If you were responsible for national security and you met a giant green monster, what would you do? I would like to see you there. In addition, William Hurt has a good roost.

Hulk VS Thunderbolt Ross & Emil Blonsky

# 12

Johann Schmidt / Red Skull (Captain America: The First Avenger)

Top 25 Best Marvel Movie Villains [Do you Know The Winner?] 4
Hugo Weaving is an always solvent actor and he shows it whenever he has the opportunity. His nasty “naziesco” is all we wanted, and the style of the upcoming 40-50-year-old movie was perfect, but the end is a little blurry with the end of action movie. Yet, a very savvy villain

Captain America vs Red Skull


# 11

Ulysses Klaue (Avengers: Age of Ultron / Black Panther)

Top 25 Best Marvel Movie Villains [Do you Know The Winner?] 5
The character played by Andy Serkis is not a popular villain. Well, yes, but let’s say you take it well, and that’s why we love it so much. Too bad he died so fast that he could have had a lot more juice

Black Panther vs Ulyses Klaue

# 10

Alexader Pierce (Captain America- The Winter Soldier)

Top 25 Best Marvel Movie Villains [Do you Know The Winner?] 6
Let’s see, Robert Redford. It’s already What else can we say about the person behind Marvel’s biggest script so far? He introduced Hydra into the fundamentals of SHIELD. Respect! If they had given him

The Death of Alexander Goodwin Pierce

# 9

Obadiah Stane / Iron Monger (Iron-Man)

Top 25 Best Marvel Movie Villains [Do you Know The Winner?] 7
The brilliant interpretation of Jeff Bridges is everything. Obadiah is a villain we could find in real life: a leader who wants to control everything and steal the technology of his competitor. Besides, how can a villain who does not stop giving hints that he is, laughing at the hero, can he be good? If you even play a piece of Salieri on the piano!

Iron Man vs. Iron Monger

# 8

Baron Zemo (Captain America: Civil War)

Top 25 Best Marvel Movie Villains [Do you Know The Winner?] 8
Helmut Zemo has managed to show us something important: it is not necessary to have super powers to defeat a superhero, only intelligence.

Black Panther & Zemo Scene


# 7

Thanos (Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers: War of Infinity)

Top 25 Best Marvel Movie Villains [Do you Know The Winner?] 9
It has great power to collect the 7 Infinity gems. Thanos is the Best that Marvel has given in terms of villains and perhaps the most recognizable, but not the best.

Yes, he is a very calculated and considerate person, but he has just lost a point of humanity. And empathy with the audience: you do not want me to win.

Thanos vs Spider man, Iron man, Dr Strange, Starlord, Drax, Mantis


# 6

Bucky Barnes / Winter Soldier (Captain America: The Winter Soldier)

Top 25 Best Marvel Movie Villains [Do you Know The Winner?] 10
Bucky is Steve Rogers’ best friend, and is the author of the best Marvel bromance because, what would become of Captain America without his faithful friend? The coldness in Sebastian Stan’s gestures disappears and none of them paints his character. If only he did not have this Japanese smoothing …

Captain America vs Bucky


# 5

Grand Master (Thor: Ragnarok)

Top 25 Best Marvel Movie Villains [Do you Know The Winner?] 11
Without Jeff Goldblum and his craziness, the film would not have been the same. Point

Thor Meets the Grandmaster


# 4

Hela (Thor: Ragnarok)

Top 25 Best Marvel Movie Villains [Do you Know The Winner?] 12
Let’s see if our father had erased our existence (and we hid a brother like Chris Hemsworth), we too bored. Hela came to play and enjoy every second Blanchett is posted, it’s impossible to be cooler than Cate Blanchett now. The first villain of Marvel who … The first villain of Marvel. THE ONLY VILLANA OF MARVEL! Here we have a problem.

Thor vs Hela

# 3

Adrian Toomes / Vulture (Spider-Man: Homecoming)

Top 25 Best Marvel Movie Villains [Do you Know The Winner?] 13
This villain is a real person with real motivations, with real problems … has a spectacular half of the spin of the film and offers many times the danger of hero escape. He warns you Which wicked does that? Michael Keaton also gives a lesson in interpretation and honors the maxim: if the villain is good, the film is better.

Spider-Man vs Vulture


# 2

Erik Stevens / Killmonger (black panther)

Top 25 Best Marvel Movie Villains [Do you Know The Winner?] 14
Michael B. Jordan is honored to have played the first villain who turns out to be right and ends up changing the hero for himself. So it gets a little crazy, okay, but what did not happen to King?

Black Panther Vs Killmonger

# 1 [Winner Villian is:]

Loki (Thor, Avengers, Thor: The Dark World, Thor: Ragnarok)

Top 25 Best Marvel Movie Villains [Here is the Evil Winner] 15
Loki is the only bad guy kids want to be. He is charismatic, has a major concern, elegant, speaks like Shakespeare, dresses like a rock star, his story is tragic, he has deceived us more times than we can remember … and if you ask someone for a nasty Marvel is the first that will come to mind. Tom Hiddleston at your feet

Thor and Loki

This has been our count of the best Marvel villains in movies, which seems like the first place. Write which villain has for you the first place and Why.

By the way, did you find the error written in our count of the best villains?